CRISMA Final Event and the Business Day

updated 12 May 2015

The final programme
is available here.

To register, please click on this link and follow the instructions on the Registration Form.

For the accommodation, please fill in the Room Reservation Form and follow the instructions on this form.

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Who should attend CRISMA Final Event and the Business Day?
  • Crisis managers and civil protection practitioners on strategic and tactical levels, facing logistical, scheduling and management challenges in large-scale crisis situations
  • Deciders and consultants on strategic level, facing long-term decisions eg. on resource and infrastructure planning
  • Emergency management Trainers on tactical level, facing challenges in exercise-support and debriefing
  • Integrators, Model owners, Modelling and simulation developers that provide solution for crisis management
  • Researchers who are eager to learn about the latest advances in crisis management and modelling.

Why to attend CRISMA Final Event and the Business Day?

Being the only risk assessment tool of its kind, the CRISMA is also the only one to cover all type of large-scale incidents regardless of their nature nor cause. The end user organisations and companies need tools operating at a strategic, tactical and operational level which will assist them in:
  • Incident Response
  • Cost comparison
  • Investment planning
  • Impact Assessment
  • Resource management
  • Providing guidance during an emergency
Do not miss your chance to witness interactive presentations, specific applications developed in close cooperation with end-users, understand CRISMA directly with the project team members and understand opportunities of the CRISMA offer that you could use for your own business or activities.

The Conference and the Business Day are free of charge and the seats will be assigned on a first-come, first served basis. Only registered participants will have access to the venue.

In case of any questions, please contact: secretariat(at)