CRISMA Final Event and the Business Day - Material

Business Day Presentations

Introduction to the CRISMA Offer: - Bernard Stevenot, Spacebel
CRISMA Framework (CRISMA architecture & main features of CRISMA software. What you need to do in order to build up your own application) - Sascha Schlobinski, Cismet
Multiple segments of the security market that can be addressed by the CRISMA products and services - Robert Miskuf, PSCE

Current CRISMA offers in different market sectors:
Contengency planning - Ari Kosonen, Insta
Multi-sectoral impact - assessment and mitigation - Gulio Zuccaro and Mattia Leone, Amra
Resource management - Oren Deri, Nice
Flooding and Coastal Submersion - Marc Ehrlich, Artelia

The CRISMA Offer: available products and services:
Preparedness Planner - Ari Kosonen, Insta
Wildfire risk management and training support - Domingos Viegas, ADAI
Resource Management tactical training - Oren Deri, Nice
Telemac/Mascaret 1D/2D/3D Hydrodynamic Modelling System - Christophe Coulet, Artelia
Scenario Management and Decision support Software - Sascha Schlobinski, Cismet
Expertise in agent-based simulations based on the DynMap platform - Kuldar Taveter, TTU
Economic impacts model - CRISECON - Liisa Poussa, VTT
Climate change and extreme events - Adriaan Perrels, FMI

Final Event posters

Contingency Planning for Extreme Winter Storm - Posters
Coastal submerssion - Posters
Simulations for improved decision making - Poster
Earthquake and cascading events - Posters
Evaluating mass casualties incidents - Posters