27 April 2015

Final demonstration of multi-sectoral consequences caused by seismic events in Rome, Italy

The final demonstration of multi-sectoral consequences caused by seismic events has currently been set for 6th May 2015 and will take place at the Department of Civil Protection in Rome.

Demonstration concerns seismic disasters. The demonstration aims to highlight the multi-sectoral consequences that can be caused by seismic events, as well as the critical issues for decision making during a seismic crisis, like the one that took place in L’Aquila in 2009 where after a relatively long seismic swarm, the 6.2 magnitude caused 308 victims, leaving many others injured and / or homeless. The implementation of the CRISMA tool will concern a number of intervention/non-intervention scenarios, corresponding to different possible adverse event propagation evaluated in a multi-risk framework.

The final demonstration will include a short presentation of the CRISMA project as such, before observing the pilot itself in more detail. The scenario and objectives will be explained in detail and different examples for use of the application will be demonstrated throughout the day. CRISMA project partners will look forward to receiving feedback on the CRISMA solution at the end of the day.