28 April 2015

Final demonstration in Finland of Cross Border Emergency Planning

CRISMA project was demonstrated on 10th March 2015 at the Emergency Services College in Finland. The Emergency Services College is a key institution in Finland, providing vocational training to people working in rescue services and emergency response centres throughout the country.

At the centre of demonstration is a disaster that has occurred and has caused cross-border consequences either by overwhelming the local resources and/or spreading to two or more countries. In such a disaster, the core values of a community are threatened and the disaster has potential for causing cascading effects due to the interdependence of modern society.

Throughout the one-day demonstration, background information was provided on the CRISMA project, as well as the objectives and scenario of large scale power outages occurring during winter time. A demonstration was then carried out, and followed by an open discussion on the application of demonstration. Participants to the demonstration included teachers from the Emergency Services College, the Senior Advisor of the National Emergency Supply Agency of Finland, the North Savo Rescue Department, and State Security Networks Ltd. Demonstration