2nd July 2014

CRISMA Pilot C v.1 Workshop - On the developments of the CRISMA system

On 10th June 2014, NICE and MDA held a Pilot C version 1 workshop. The objectives of this pilot are to implement a pilot application using the CRISMA framework in a large accidental spill from a container located in a port next to a large city.

In light of this, the workshop focused on understanding the effectiveness of the CRISMA tools developed so far in the frame of the projectand aimed to gather feedback from experienced operations and training officers, as well as input from the participants, on the functionality of the system as developed until now and future expectations for it.

During the workshop, two presentations were delivered by project partners. The first presentation, on the concept of the tool and the models behind it, was delivered by Chaim Rafalowski from MDA. The second presentation focused on the system and included a demonstration of the tools developed for this version 1. It was delivered by Oren Deri from NICE.

The workshop proved to be successful and helped understand the key elements that need to be addressed in the near future and the steps that should be taken in order to tackle them effectively.