7 May 2015

CRISMA demonstration on chemical accident

On 30th March 2015 CRISMA held a demonstration on chemical accident to evaluate the progress made in the CRISMA project.

Demonstration concerned a large-scale accidental spill from a container in the port next to a large city. The terrain of the city of Ashdod, Israel, is used as a testing ground. The accident scenario includes a container transporting bromine. The container spill is affecting the port territory and, due to meteorological conditions, poses a threat to the population of the city. The objective of demonstration is to allow the commanders involved in disaster response to test various response options and observe the results of their decisions. End users involved include local authorities, port authorities, fire brigades, police forces, as well as the Ministry of Environmental Protection and the Ministry of Health.

The goal of the demonstration held at the end of March was to receive input in order to identify possible missing functionalities and improve the pilot subsequently. The event was attended by 15 participants, including representatives of MDA and NICE, the leaders of this demonstration. The feedback received during the event was overwhelmingly positive. Experts stressed that the developed system brings a real added value to the training of decision makers in emergency situations.