8th July 2014

German Red Cross tests the CRISMA exercise support tool

The German Red Cross, in cooperation with the Bavarian Red Cross, have set out to organize two exercises under the German Pilot E on “Mass Casualty Incidents”. The exercises aim to provide a testing ground for the CRISMA exercise support tool in real-life crises scenarios and gather valid data.

The first test already took place in Rottendorf on 21st June 2014. The scenario included a car accident with nine patients. The exercise included first responders and provided valuable feedback for further development.

The second exercise of the CRISMA software will be organised in Bad Reichenhall on 12th July 2014. The exercise will be part of the "Landesfachdienstlager der Bereitschaften" (see and The scenario will include a bus accident in a rural area with 25 people injured.