13 May 2015

CRISMA demonstration on multi-sectoral consequences caused by seismic events in Rome, Italy

The final demonstration of multi-sectoral consequences caused by seismic events took place on the 6th May 2015 at the Department of Civil Protection in Rome, with more than 30 participants representing various end-user communities.

Demonstration focused on seismic disasters and potential cascading effects. The demonstration highlighted the multi-sectoral consequences that can be caused by seismic events, as well as the critical issues for decision making during a seismic crisis. The implementation of the CRISMA tool included a number of intervention/non-intervention scenarios, corresponding to different possible adverse event propagation evaluated in a multi-risk framework. Some information collected in L’Aquila after the severe earthquake in 2009 has been used as a background data.

The feedback received during the event was very positive end enthusiastic. Experts stressed that the developed system was ambitious and brings a real added value to various end-users, even though any new implementation requires defining their own data sets and sometimes models.