14 September 2015

Report on CRISMA Final Results, presenting the project and its outcomes, released in June 2015

The CRISMA consortium has recently issued a new publication that not only outlines the aims and objectives of the project, but also explains the CRISMA pilot scenarios, the technological aspects of the project and how the CRISMA solutions can be applied in reality.

Many CRISMA consortium partners have been busy preparing the publication. An extensive list of all authors and contributors can be found in the Report on CRISMA Final Results. Project coordinator Anna-Mari Heikkilä (VTT), Denis Havlik (AIT), and Sascha Schlobinski (Cismet) can be highlighted as the editors of the publication.

The Report on CRISMA Final Results presents an overview of the solutions developed within CRISMA that aim to support crisis managers and decision-makers dealing with complex crisis scenarios. CRISMA aims to improve preparedness and resilience to crisis events by facilitating the manipulation and visualisation of complex crisis scenarios, which typically have multiple effects on society and require the integration of expertise from multiple sectors, and involve financial and ethical concerns.

The publication is divided in two main sections. The first provides an introduction to the project for decision makers and technical managers. The second part explores the technical aspects of CRISMA. The Report on CRISMA Final Results introduces the CRISMA pilots and provides a more in-depth analysis of the CRISMA concept, that is, the decision support mechanism for crisis management, and also explains in detail the way the CRISMA tool and mechanism can be applied in reality.

The CRISMA solutions can be used to address a large range of challenges encountered in the crisis management preparedness phase, namely (1) regional, land-use and infrastructure planning on a long-term basis, (2) contingency planning, (3) optimisation of the operative crisis management plans, and (4) support for the preparation, execution and assessment of the results of the desktop and field exercises.

The Report on CRISMA Final results is available here.