31th July 2014

EU aims to improve re-use of disaster-related data and other public sector information

A set of guidelines to improve the re-use of public sector information, including but not limited to information crucial for disaster management, has recently been published by the European Commission. The guidelines link to the Directive on the re-use of public sector information (PSI Directive) and are aimed at Member State administrations to help them implement and benefit from the aims of the Directive. The guidelines support the argument that public information should be free, open and re-usable without restrictions. The guidelines aim to provide best practice examples in three subject areas that are closely related to the re-use of public sector information across Europe – licensing, datasets, and costs.

More specifically, the guidelines explain how access to different types of information – weather data, traffic data, property asset data, and maps – should be properly given. The guidelines also include recommendations on the use of available open standard licenses, the elements to include in custom-made licences, datasets to be published as priority, the ways to make them more readily re-usable, the application of the marginal cost rule and the cost elements that can be taken into account for cost-recovery charging.

More information is available here.