11th November 2014

European Parliament Plenary Debate on Flood Prevention

On Monday, 20th October, in its plenary session in Strasbourg the European Parliament and Commission debated about the necessary improvements in flood prevention at European level. The latest Directive in this sector, entitled the Directive on the Assessment and Management of Floods at European Level, was adopted in 2007.

During Monday’s debate, MEPs proposed that perhaps a new legislative package would be an effective way to address the challenges of flood prevention. MEPs claimed that better risk sharing between the EU and Member States is necessary, that the EU could provide good support but Member States should adopt stricter legislation. Both Members of the European Parliament and Commissioner Borg agreed that the Solidarity Fund could be better utilised in post-disaster restoration.

The focus of the Commission lies in better prevention and management of floods. Commissioner Borg stated that more sustainable investment is necessary in preparedness mechanisms in order to enhance the preventive instruments for flooding, particularly since investing in prevention instead of post-disaster restoration is more cost-effective. With the new Civil Protection mechanism, the Commission is trying to build a pool of volunteers for all stages of disaster management, including training and exercises. The Commission will continue to promote efforts towards better prevention.