17th December 2014

New Index for Risk Management Developed by JRC

The European Commission’s Joint Research Centre (JRC), in a joint partnership with other international organisations and governments, has developed INFORM (Index for Risk Management), the first global open-source risk assessment tool for humanitarian crises and disasters. INFORM has been designed to support decisions about prevention, preparedness and response, and to help humanitarian actors to tailor their actions in order to reduce crisis and disaster risk and build resilience.

INFORM helps identify where crises requiring international assistance may occur and analyses that risk so it can be managed more effectively by all involved actors. The index takes into account fifty different indicators that measure natural and human hazards, vulnerability and capacity. Experts can use the index to prioritise between countries and risks, to decide how to prepare and reduce risks, and to monitor general trends.

The JRC has been the driver of the initiative, providing its expertise in natural disasters, risk management, geospatial information and statistics. In close cooperation with DG ECHO, it has developed the dedicated IT tools to collect, process and publish the statistical data used by INFORM, and hosts the INFORM website.

The INFORM website is accessible here.