21 March 2013

CRISMA seminar with end-users in Coimbra

On January 16, 2013, the CRISMA seminar with end-users was held in Coimbra, Portugal.

The seminar was attended by the members of CRISMA consortium that participated in the project meeting and by representatives of the Portuguese National Civil Protection Authority both at national and at district levels, by officers of the municipal civil protection services, fire fighters, forestry managers and scientific researchers.

A general presentation of CRISMA objectives and program was made by Pertti Bröas from VTT and Wolf Engelbach from Fraunhöfer Institute. Dr. João Verde from the national operational command of the National Civil Protection Authority made a presentation of the organization and policy of the Portuguese civil protection services in case of crisis. During the discussions, several questions related to the potential use of CRISMA platform and its tools in operations were addressed. It was concluded that a system like the one that is in the scope of CRISMA would be welcome in Portugal to complement and integrate existing systems to support decision at least at the level of national coordination.