15 January 2015

CRISMA Workshop in Levi, Finland

The project will be hosting its third workshop in February 2015. It will take place in Levi, Finland, on 12th February. The workshop will focus on promoting the CRISMA tool and its various uses, drawing upon interesting case studies as well. The workshop will be organized and hosted by CRISMA project partner Emergency Services College (ESC), with participation from other CRISMA partners in Finland - the VTT Research Centre of Finland and Insta DefSec.

The CRISMA project seeks to provide opportunities to compare alternative actions and investments, as well as simulate human and economic consequences. As such, the project takes as a basis large-scale crisis scenarios that have immediate human, societal, structural and economic consequences and impacts. The CRISMA system, developed particularly for and by the project, seeks to facilitate simulation and modelling of such situations.

The CRISMA project is financed under the 7th Framework Programme of the European Commission.

Registration is open until 16th January 2015. The registration page is accessible here.

The agenda is available here.