5 December 2012

CRISMA Side-Event at the Israel Homeland Security Conference, 12 Nov 2012, IHLS, Tel Aviv, Israel

On 12 November 2012, CRISMA organised a workshop as a side-event for the IHLS Conference in Tel Aviv, Israel. The workshop was opened by Mr Tjien-Khoen Liem, Security, Research & Development, DG Enterprise, European Commission.

After general presentation of CRISMA project and concept, the main project propositions were illustrated through three generic use cases concentrating on us of CRISMA for short term (tactical) resource planning, real-time crisis management training and long-term (strategic) infrastructure planning. Finally, we illustrated the need for combining several generic use cases in CRISMA pilot applications.

In the following discussion, the workshop participants presented their expectations on the CRISMA-like systems in terms of the: (1) most appealing features; (2) most valuable usage contexts; (3) expected outputs; as well as (4) gaps and missing features.