16 March 2015 - updated 30 April 2015 and 7 May 2015

CRISMA Business Day and Final Conference: registration now open!

The CRISMA Final Conference and the CRISMA Business Day will be held on 4 June 2015 in Brussels.

Located at the premises of HUSA Hotel, CRISMA team will present the most important findings of this EU co-financed research project. CRISMA takes as a basis large-scale crisis scenarios that have immediate human, societal, structural and economic consequences and impacts. CRISMA developed an innovative methodology and a decision support tool capable of aggregating different existing models in order to facilitate simulation and modelling of such situations.

Key CRISMA value proposition is the higher security of the European citizens, through improved understanding of the crisis evolvement and the impact of various decisions and actions at disposal of the crisis management on that evolvement, as well as through provision of the IT-support for decision making and auditing of the decisions made during both real and simulated crisis events in the cases where
  • the crisis scenario significantly exceeds the incidents decision makers may be familiar with:
  • prioritisation of actions with significant impacts to human lives and property is required;
  • response forces risk losing control over the situation and multi-organisational and multi-national interventions may be necessary

In the afternoon, there shall be in parallel possibilities to attend “CRISMA Business Day”, and to visit stands presenting the CRISMA applications in practise. In the CRISMA Business Day, you can find out how to get key CRISMA functionalities into use after the project.

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The final programme is available here.

In case of any questions, please contact: secretariat(at)