20 February 2015

Presentation of CRISMA Project at CBRNe Europe Conference

On 13th February, the CRISMA project was presented at the 3rd edition of the NCT CBRNe Europe Conference.

NCT is the leading CBRNe event series in the world. The Conference and Exhibition welcomes key decision makers and experts in the field of CBRN defence from all over Central Europe and the Caucasus. At the focus of the Conference are topics dedicated to the improvement of emergency preparedness of civil organisations. Through debates and presentations, the Conference presents the most advanced technologies and approaches currently available. This year, the Conference was attended by more than 150 delegates, including delegations and speakers from CBRN Defence Commands, civil first responder and government agencies, as well as NATO and EU stakeholders and research institutes.

The most important message that the CRISMA project presentation aimed to convey was the nature of the project - that CRISMA is a research project, which works on developing an innovative methodology and supporting tool for crisis management. The presentation

introduced the CRISMA consortium, as well as the objectives and framework of the project. The largest segment of the presentation was devoted to Pilot C of the project, which concerns an accidental dispersal of bromine from a licking container that affects the population. Pilot C is unique in that there, for the first time, the CRISMA tools introduce new models that calculate the interaction between the resources and the environment. With help from the CRISMA model, the impact of the decisions taken by commanders of the situation at the scene can be calculated. Overall, the presentation of the CRISMA project was well-received and attracted some interesting questions from the audience.