16 March 2015

UNISDR Factsheet on the Economic and Human Impact of Disasters in the Last 10 Years

The UN Office for Disaster Risk Reduction has published a factsheet on "The Economic and Human Impact of Disasters in the last 10 years". The information contained in the Factsheet observes the entire world at large. According to the Factsheet, China has been the most devastated by various disasters within the past 10 years. It is also evident that most disasters occurring today are climate-related.

Margareta Wahlström, head of the UNISDR, has said: "Despite many successes and greatly improved performance in disaster management, it is sobering to note that 70,000 people have died in disaster events over the last ten years. A total of 1.7 billion people have had their lives disrupted in some way. It is of great concern that economic losses in major reported disaster events come to $1.4 trillion."

At the Third UN World Conference on Disaster Risk Reduction, which will take place from 14th to 18th March 2015, world leaders and representatives of civil society will gather to adopt a revised version of the Hyogo Framework for Action, which will guide risk management efforts for the next ten to fifteen years depending on the timeframe adopted by the Conference.

Press release from the UNISDR is available here.

"The Economic and Human Impact of Disasters in the last 10 years" Factsheet is available here.