30th April 2014

CRISMA Project to develop contingency planning tools

The CRISMA project, together with Finnish public authorities and emergency responders, simulated a winter storm during a presentation in Kemi, Finland.

On 7th and 8th April, a seminar was organised to examine the different extremities and circumstances emergency services face during extreme weather conditions and winter storms. The Finnish Meteorological Institute developed a simulated winter snowstorm, in the simulation, the snowstorm intensified through the low pressure and finally ended several weeks later, which resulted in a lasting cold period. It highlighted the differences between the northern parts of the country versus the southern parts, due to geography and population, and how local responders can best adapt and respond to the conditions.

The two-day seminar exposed challenges and spurred reflection on the problem areas, discussing how they could be better prepared to face realistic and imminent conditions and creating a contingency plan. The event issues and results will be utilized by the CRISMA project for simulation tool development.

The news from the presentation was broadcasted by Finland's National Public Service Broadcasting Company on its web-pages and also tweeted the news as well on our twitter account. More information is available here: