24 April 2015

Final demonstration of CRISMA Pilot E in Wurzburg, Germany

The final demonstration of CRISMA project’s Pilot E took place from 24th to 26th April 2015 in Würzburg, Germany. Organised by the German Red Cross and the Red Cross of Bavaria, the final demonstration focused on mass-casualty incidents, with special attention to resource and capacity planning and training of civil protection units. Alongside the live demonstration of the simulation tool, a full-scale field exercise was carried out to provide practical examples for the use of the Pilot E v1-tool.

The main objective of CRISMA Pilot E is to support the activities of first responders. The pilot analyses a multi-risk scenario with focus on multi-organisation reaction options and strategies, and their potential outcomes as well as efforts. The pilot is divided in two phases. The first phase included a scenario with a bus accident resulting in 20-40 injured persons in Bavaria on a rural-district level. Phase 2 is based on a mass casualty incident during a public event. To address the multi-hazard aspect during the second phase, the phase one scenario was extended by resource / capacity management activities.