11th June 2014

CRISMA to attend a meeting between FP7 security projects

On 25 June, a meeting, organised by the European Commission, will take place in order to analyse the synergies between FP7 projects related to critical infrastructure protection against natural hazards and cascading effects in crisis situations. The meeting will, first and foremost, aim to gather a basic understanding of the projects concerned and will then endeavour to set up the roots of a common coordination mechanism and discuss its operationalization in the upcoming years.

The coordination mechanism will link together all the projects under this topic. The main aim of the coordination mechanism is to establish a framework of effective collaboration between different projects dealing with similar issues, in order to avoid redundancies and potential duplication of efforts, and to improve the quality of the results and boost their impact. The mechanism will provide better methods, tools and guidelines, as well as reliable standards and examples of best practices, thus facilitating a more harmonised approach to the protection and safety of critical infrastructure in the face of natural hazards and cascading effects in crisis situations in Europe.

By linking together the projects, the EU wishes to promote new visions for sustainable and integrated risk assessment and risk management that would enable better decision-making strategies for disaster reduction. The EU believes that new governance schemes, new tools and assessment methods in risk management should be innovative in order to effectively contribute to risk reduction.

CRISMA will be represented at this event by the coordinator who will also give a presentation about the project.