27 April 2015

Demonstration of CRISMA Pilot B in La Rochelle

On 23rd April 2015, a demonstration and evaluation meeting for Pilot B of the CRISMA project took place in La Rochelle, France. The meeting was held at the premises of the Fire Brigades county service (Service départemental d’Incendie et de Secours).

Pilot B of the CRISMA project focuses on coastal submersion in the Charente-Maritime County in France. In the aftermath of the 2010 Xynthia storm surge on the French coast, the French Senate issued a disaster report, highlighting the discrepancies between coastal risk awareness and inefficiency of the alert warnings. Subsequent studies on the vulnerability of the region have so far been limited to public buildings, services and infrastructure. However, there is an urgent need to assess the vulnerability of individual households, in particular those constructed in flood prone areas behind dikes. This has been the main focus of CRISMA Pilot B.

The focus of the demonstration and evaluation meeting in La Rochelle were the future application possibilities of the results of CRISMA Pilot B. The meeting provided an overview of the final version of the CRISMA Pilot B application and detailed presentations of the CRISMA scenarios and the results of the CRISMA tool. Throughout the day, there were discussions on the advantages and future perspectives of exploitation of CRISMA Pilot B.