Previous CRISMA Events

Conference CRISMA Final Event and Business Day - material DRK 4th June 2015 in Brussels, Belgium
Demo CRISMA Demonstration on multi-sectoral consequences caused by seismic events - Read more 6th May 2015 in Rome, Italy
Demo CRISMA Demonstration on capacity planning for the support of first responder organizations in mass accidents - Read more DRK 24th-26th April 2015 in Würzburg, Germany
Demo CRISMA Demonstration on coastal submersion - Read more
  23rd April 2015 in La Rochelle, France
Demo CRISMA Demonstration on accidental pollution - Read more MDA 30th March 2015 in Israel
Demo CRISMA Demonstration on contingency planning to mitigate the impact of large scale power outages occurring during winter time - Read more
FMI 10th March 2015 in Kuopio, Finland
Workshop CRISMA Workshop in Levi, Finland - Read more
VTT, FMI and Insta 12 February, 2015, in Levi, Finland
Training The CRISMA Project’s First Training Workshop on Modelling
Crisis Management - Read more
ADAI 15 November, 2014, in Coimbra, Portugal
Exercise Exercise for the German pilot of the CRISMA project - Read more DRK 11-13 July 2014, Bad Reichenhall, Bavaria, Germany
Workshop CRISMA end-users workshop  - Read more NICE and MDA 10 June 2014, Israel
Workshop CRISMA end-users workshop   22 May 2014 in Gothenburg, Sweden
Workshop CRISMA end-users workshop  - Read more Emergency Services College 7-8 May 2014, Kemi, Finland
Workshop CRISMA end-users workshop  - Read more PSCE  30 May 2013, Brussels, Belgium
Workshop CRISMA workshop with end-users University of Coimbra 16 January 2013 in Coimbra, Portugal
Workshop CRISMA Side-Event at the Israel Homeland Security Conference - Read more
12 November 2012 in Tel Aviv, Israel
Workshop International Workshop on costal submersions - Read more
Publication [PDF]
ARTELIA 8-10 October 2012 in La Rochelle, France
Internal workshop Project internal Cross-SP meeting   8-10 October 2012 in Naples, Italy
Conference TIEMS Conference on Emergency Management for Critical Infrastructures crises MDA 5 October 2012 in Rome, Italy
Conference Future Security 2012 - Presentation [PDF] Fraunhofer 4-6 September 2012 in Bonn, Germany
Conference 2nd Nordic International Conference on Climate Change
Adaptation - Read more
Publication [PDF]
VTT 29-31 August 2012 in Helsinki, Finland
Internal workshop Third CRISMA workshop 12-14 June 2012 in Stuttgart, Germany
Conference PSCE Conference in Helsinki - Read more PSCE 31 May in Helsinki, Finland
Internal workshop Second CRISMA workshop 8-10 May 2012 in Vienna, Austria
Internal workshop Kick-Off meeting and first workshops 26 – 30 March 2012, in Tampere, Finland